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Chicken Soup w/ Handmade Knife-Cut Noodles

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I’m not comfortable cooking with flour. I have over-mixed cake batter that resulted in dense bricks many times, I don’t like cleaning up flour–I hate how it gets on my black apron, I’m also gluten-intolerant-sensitive (I had a brain fart when I was typing this). But I LOVE noodles. I love them all. I don’t mess around when it comes to eating noodles. My parents always made these noodles from scratch when making Chicken Noodle Soup (with a soda on the side). I had all the ingredients except noodles. The closest Korean market is 20 minutes away.. so in my …

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Korean Spicy Pork Belly BBQ + Boiled Cabbage Wraps

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This isn’t BBQ but I guess that’s what they’re calling it now. But really, it’s a stir fry. You can totally grill this and make it BBQ. For me personally, all that trouble isn’t worth it. This is how I grew up eating it so this is what I crave. One major difference you’ll find with my recipes is I try really hard not to use sugar. I only use it as a last resort and when I do, I am very mindful of the amount that’s being used. This recipe for example only has 1 teaspoon of brown sugar …

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Pork Belly and Sour Kimchi Stir Fry

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I cannot emphasize the importance of using Sour Kimchi enough. Well, I put it specifically in the title so maybe that’ll help better convey the gravity of this situation. I understand everyone cooks and interprets things in their own way, yada yada, but–no. Please do not use kimchi that is not sour. It’s just not good in cooked dishes. Okay? Please. Thank you. If you love kimchi, this is worth it.

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Ultimate Ssam + Clam Doenjang Stew

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Ssam means wrapped. Basically you can wrap anything with anything and it’ll be Ssam. Huh? Anything (rice, meat, tofu, fish, smaller vegetables) and Anything (green leafy veggies, herbs, kelp, pickled turnip, rice wrapper). So when you wrap anything small-ish with anything flat and wide, you have Ssam. The recipes you’ll find here are for the Ssamjang (the sauce that goes with Ssam) and the Clam Doenjang Stew. Combine those with a protein of your choice and a mix of wraps and you’ll have your own Ultimate Ssam.

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This sauce is made in many different ways. At the very core, it’s just Doenjang and Gochujang mixed. The add-ins aren’t mandatory but they do make it tastier. One of the ways Ssamjang is enjoyed: Ultimate Ssam + Clam Doenjang Stew Use a mortar and pestle to briefly grind the sesame seeds. Or using your fingertips, pinch and roll the sesame seeds to crush them.

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Simple Yogurt Parfait

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A simple, Paleo yogurt parfait. I’m not even Paleo but I don’t like granola in my parfait. I’m sure this will work with whatever nut and seed mix you prefer: cashews, pistachios, hazlenuts, sunflower seeds, etc. For this batch I used a mix of raw almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. I like to purchase them raw and then toast at home.

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Anchovy Kimchi Stew + Korean Omelette

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Remember all that sour kimchi I talked about here? Time to put it to good use! 9 out of 10 times I visit my parents, my mom will have this soup on the stove-top bubbling away. First thing’s first: you’re going to need some anchovy stock. This isn’t even really a recipe. You add some sour kimchi in whatever stock base you want (in this case, Anchovy Stock. ) and then boil away. When it’s reduced by around half, it’s ready to eat. That’s the magic of cooking with sour kimchi: it has all the flavor you need.

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Kind of Korean Chicken Risotto with Sambal

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I have tried so many variations of this dish. I got the idea from Alexandra’s Kitchen, who got the recipe from Canal House Cooking Volume No. 6. According to Alexandra, the original recipe uses a good amount of butter and only salt and black pepper for seasoning. I gotta be honest, I’m sure the original way is delicious but I have this mental problem where I like to make things complicated. I rarely leave things alone–if it looks simple, instinctively, my brain is like: oh hey, wait, let me add this and change that around and stop right now and …