Low Carb Double Chocolate Chip Cheescake Bars

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That is a long title.

I’m just gonna blast you with pictures because I can’t believe this is low carb.

And I’m the one that made them. That’s saying something. Actually, it turns out low carb cheesecake is very popular in the low carb and keto community. Yay for me. 

I know I know, I said I’m not going Keto (I’m not actually, for treats I am–mostly) but what happened was after that post ranting about not going Keto I started eating rice, like everyday, like twice a day everyday and that led to donuts at 12am, 2 pints of haagen dazs, a whole pizza and those cinnamon balls all those major pizza places sell, and then my rib popped out and I thought I was having a heart attack.

So we all (me, dude, 2 frenchies) went to Vons in the middle of the night and the dude bought me some Pepto and Aspirin (we were troubleshooting) and I chewed on an Aspirin and chased it down with some water. Btw, aspirin tastes like what BO would taste like if it had a taste. It’s nasty. 

This makes no sense. Back story: One of my ribs popped out about 5 years ago and it hasn’t been the same since. I haven’t gotten it medically diagnosed but I have noticed something after all these years: my rib tends to pop out when I eat crap (update! I went to the doc and I have Costochondritis, which is an inflammation so the food thing totally makes sense since we all know certain foods can cause inflammation). And while black, brown, minimally processed rice–which is what I’ve been eating–is NOT crap (it’s actually very nutritious, full of fiber and minerals.. guess what I’m eating tonight), it’s kind of a slippery slope towards crappy food, ie. donuts, haagen dazs, etc. For me, that is. 

Look, full disclaimer, I have nothing against these foods I call crap. I gotta call them that so I stay away from them–mostly. I think once in a while is totally fine if you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet. If you’re able to abstain 100%, that is freaking awesome for you but I cannot. One turns into many for me so I have to categorize them as “crap” in my mind, this way when I do eat them I understand I am not eating something nutritious, I’m just having a moment. It’s like there’s a spoiled sugar crazy child in me that I have to keep parenting. Or maybe you tend to eat these foods and maybe you’re a little bothered I’m calling them crap but I’m not talking homemade donuts, ice cream, and pizza made from whole fresh quality ingredients, I’m talking donuts at 12am from the 24 hr donut place down the street, store bought ice cream that was made how many months ago and is loaded with preservatives, pizza from a chain that makes it’s dough in a factory and then ships that to the storefronts for retail.. C’mon you gotta admit that does not sound healthy or nutritious or anything of that sort, at all. It sounds like crap. But that’s me. Seriously, please don’t be bothered.. wait.. Come back!



Sukrin gold is a sugar alchohol so while the nutrition label reads them as carbs, they are not. You have to subtract the sugar alcohol from the carbs to have your total carb count, in this case an 8g serving has 8g carbs but of that is 8g sugar alcohol so that equals ZERO carbs.

Lily’s Chocolate chips are sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol so they are super low carb; 60 chips have 9g carbs, but 4g fiber and 3g erythritol (aka sugar alchohol) so that equals TWO grams of net carbs. 

Oh that bottom picture, yes, what the what indeed. It’s the mess I made because it looked like my 8×8 wasn’t going to work, after I had already baked the bottom layer, so I moved everything to my 9×13 and put up a barrier on the side. (But also it’s because I like to make my life complicated—Pretty much everytime I’m in the kitchen) I think I might like these bars thinner, the full 9×13 might work out better next time.

These bars are pretty calorie dense BUT also super filling. I eat one with a cup of coffee and I am done, I just need one more meal for the day. Having said that, if this is baked in a 9×13 pan you’ll be able to get more (smaller) bars cutting the calories down a bit. The baking time would have to be adjusted but I don’t think by much. Maybe another 5 minutes or so to the final baking time should do it. Don’t quote me on that though, I haven’t tried it.

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