Oat Bran Muffins w/ Mango & Coconut, Sugar Free & Whole Grain

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Whoooo… it’s been a while. I forgot how I do this.

I’ve been working on a side project: Check it out!

Right before I stopped blogging I talked about going Ketosis, which I did for short amount of time, but I was miserable. The dude, on the other hand, is thriving on it.

I grew up eating rice and home-cooked-from-scratch Korean Food. I need my home-cooked Korean meal once a week or I get sad and then I get HANGRY. I also need yummy carbs once a week or so. Whether it be baked goods, a nice cold Lager or rice. Or one of each. Some rice, a nice spicy stew, some kimchi and then a little something sweet followed by a nice cold one in a frosted glass. Mmm.. I just ate too–3 roasted chicken drumsticks with a side of low starch veggies.. eh. So, true story, I ate again, like after that last sentence about the drumsticks. It’s that time of the month. I’m craving comfort food and carbs. I am also steaming purple sweet potatoes at the moment. I can’t stop.

The Keto diet did not work for me. I realized after much trial and error that I NEED CARBS!

(otherwise you don’t want to be around me because–HANGRY)
I actually lost a significant amount of weight the last few months. Eating carbs. Yes, it can work. You just have to count every single little calorie that enters your mouth, easy peasy :T (sarcastic face). But a tracker makes it all SO MUCH EASIER. (also! when you exercise and burn calories you can set the tracker to subtract the burned calories from the total calorie allowance, meaning you can EAT MORE!!! WIN WIN WIN!) I’d much rather weigh, track, and count everything and eat carbs here and there, then go into Ketosis. I’m not against the Keto diet, just not for me at the moment. Like I said, the dude is thriving on it. And it’s good for epilepsy

Side story: The dude and I actually have done a fair bit of reading on treating seizures and epilepsy because our dog has seizures. We’ve actually looked into putting him–the dog–on a Keto diet but our neurologist said that it’s really hard to get dogs on ketosis because their metabolisms are so much more different than ours—they’d have to eat an unrealistic shit ton of fat. So beware of those “keto diet” dog food supplements!

Back on point—Since I’m eating carbs again I thought it best to cut out the refined carbs as much as possible. Some very common refined carbs are white and brown sugars and all-purpose flours. By using fiber rich whole wheat and grains I get more fiber, which simply–not very accurately–put, kind of cancels out the carbs, gram for gram. YES.

These muffins werre adapted from Smitten Kitchen. I replaced all the sugar with Sukrin Gold plus a smidgen of Pure Grade A Dark Maple Syrup. I switched out the all purpose flour with white whole wheat flour and the wheat bran for oat bran. I also used Extra Virgin Coconut Oil instead of the regular oil, swapped out a bit of that fat with a touch of pasture-raised butter (because baked goods must taste like BUTTAH). Also added some unsweetened shredded coconut flakes for a touch more healthy fat and used a super ripe mango for the fruit.

These muffins are pretty sweet. You will not miss the sugar, at all. The soft, sweet, candy-like mango, enveloped in a moist, buttery, nutty, oaty, coconuty, vanilla-y muffin.. Mmmm. I ate one as soon as it cooled. Then I made myself a cup of coffee and split another one with the dude. Then I finished taking the pictures. Priorities.

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