Spicy Gochujang Wings

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These wings were one of the top 5 most ordered items at the restaurant. There was this one customer that asked me for the sauce recipe and I told her it was a secret. She was none too happy about the response. Well, customer, where ever you are, this one’s dedicated to you.

Disclaimer: This recipe is not exactly what I sold but the taste is there. I’d have to dig up boxes to find my notes on the exact ingredient portions.. and I’m probably not doing that any day soon.

As with secret recipes, there is of course, a secret ingredient. Or two in my case. Secret ingredients are: Dried Bonito Shavings (in the cup) and kelp!

These wings can be pretty healthy as long as you check the ingredient list of the gochujang you are buying.

The one I use has only 5 all natural ingredients. I’ve seen some with 15 ingredients that are composed of long words I don’t even want to know what it means.

My late grandma owned a red pepper farm in S. Korea and would send us homemade gochujang.. mmm so good.

I’m getting hungry writing up this post.

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