Short Rib Korean BBQ

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I have decided to go full on ketosis. What is ketosis? Simply put, it’s the state your body gets in when it’s burning stored fat. The only way to get into ketosis is to drastically cut out carbs so that your body will have to burn something stored for energy, rather than the incoming carbs. Now, this is just an ultra simple explanation of what ketosis is. I recommend reading more into it before just diving in head first. I have actually been on ketosis before in the past, I have read into it a good amount and experimented with it myself to be comfortable enough to just do it.

The most important thing for me though is that I still eat delicious food. I have dieted in the past just eating chicken breasts with no seasonings, lots of salads with the same dressing, bland soups, etc. I’ve done it all. But luckily for me (for all of us actually) we know much more about food and nutrition and have easy access to specialty ingredients, so that we don’t have to sacrifice flavor to be healthy.

This Short Rib Korean BBQ is low sugar. Almost all the Korean BBQ or marinade recipes I’ve seen online use SO MUCH SUGAR. Although I’ve adapted this recipe to be super low sugar, in my house we never used that much sugar. My mom “got woke” after her and my dad got diabetes (just following the good ole’ American diet of cereal for breakfast, bread all day, ice cream for dessert). She used to make a natural sweetener by boiling down a bunch of apples and even that she used sparingly. She was pretty hardcore. Now she has Truvia. 🙂

The sake is replacing Mirin (or Mirim, the Korean one). Pure Grade A Dark Maple Syrup for sugar, Zevia Lemon Lime for 7-Up, and Liquid Aminos for soy sauce. Wait, what? 7-up? Zevia?! Yup, ask any Korean mom, 7-up (not Sprite, maybe Sprite, definitely not a first choice though) is a well-known ingredient in L.A. Galbi. So naturally, I thought to try the healthier alternative to 7-up.

I don’t like to drink Zevia on it’s own, it has a weird Stevia sticky overly-sweetness I’ve never liked. But in the marinade, it adds that touch of sweetness that usually the typical combo of Mirin, sugar, and 7-Up would provide.

Mmmm, MEAT.

Ok, so you see that one 2nd to the right? People! Be vigilant at the meat counter! That one is the only one I didn’t get a clear look at and of course, it has a shit ton of useless fat. That fat right there weighed about 0.25 oz. To put it in perspective, half of that rib cut is bone, so that fat makes up half of what was supposed to be the meat serving. That is no small amount of wasted fat.

1. Separate the meat from the bones
2. Filet the meat pieces into about 3/8″ inch, that’s in between 1/4″ and 1/2″ inch
3. Marinade overnight

The dude LOVES garlic roasted in sesame oil. Make a foil pouch, fill it with garlic cloves, drizzle some sesame oil and a pinch of salt. Close pouch, place on grill and leave it there while the meat is cooking. Give it a good shake every so often. Alternatively, if you’re broiling your ribs leave pouch in oven on a small tray. No need to shake.


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