Ultimate Ssam + Clam Doenjang Stew

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Ssam means wrapped. Basically you can wrap anything with anything and it’ll be Ssam. Huh? Anything (rice, meat, tofu, fish, smaller vegetables) and Anything (green leafy veggies, herbs, kelp, pickled turnip, rice wrapper). So when you wrap anything small-ish with anything flat and wide, you have Ssam.

The recipes you’ll find here are for the Ssamjang (the sauce that goes with Ssam) and the Clam Doenjang Stew. Combine those with a protein of your choice and a mix of wraps and you’ll have your own Ultimate Ssam.

Grilled Kurobuta Pork Belly and Chicken Hearts.

Sliced kirby cucumbers, cilantro, korean lettuce, sesame leaves, kelp.

What I do is grab a lettuce leaf and start layering with a piece of kelp, a sesame leaf and some cilantro. Add the meat to that along with some rice and Ssamjang. Fold and put in mouth. Dip kirby cucmber in Ssamjang and also put in mouth. Yum.

He was going so crazy the dude had to hold onto him while I took pictures. He got free and did this on and off throughout the meal.

He’s so sad. Doesn’t understand why he can’t eat with us. Silly pup.


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