Take-Out Style Fried Rice

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This is more a technique than a recipe. I’ve made this countless times with what I’ve had in the fridge at that time. I make it when I don’t know what to make but we gotta eat, when I want to eat take-out but don’t feel like ordering, and when I want to clear out the fridge, etc etc.

Once you have all your ingredients assembled and ready, it’s goes fast. And no, it won’t work if you just throw it all in the pot. Trust me, this tastes better and it’s really not that much work for what you’re getting.

Everything gets cooked separately in a clean SMOKING HOT pan. I have a pretty dinky rental stove and it gets there, just gotta wait a few minutes. If I can do it, you can do it.

Also, each ingredient is seasoned on it’s own then the taste is adjusted at the very end. This way the flavor is saturated.

The rice is nice and toasty and all the ingredients are nicely separated. No clumpy rice here!

The dude and I finished the pan after I was done taking pictures of the dainty little servings.

So like I said, this is more a technique but I’m including the recipe for this post. Although I did this one with spoons and measuring I usually do it by dashing in the seasoning. As for the meat and veggies, I just eyeball it. And then at the end, I taste and adjust with salt and/or soy sauce. It’s good every time, as long as you follow the technique.

I’ve tried this with pork and I’m sure this will work with beef. You can omit the shrimp. You can add other seafood. Just don’t go too crazy with the fillings then your ratio will be off. And you’ll have a stir fry speckled with rice, which is totally fine but that’s not what we’re doing here.

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