Pork Belly and Sour Kimchi Stir Fry

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I cannot emphasize the importance of using Sour Kimchi enough. Well, I put it specifically in the title so maybe that’ll help better convey the gravity of this situation. I understand everyone cooks and interprets things in their own way, yada yada, but–no. Please do not use kimchi that is not sour. It’s just not good in cooked dishes. Okay? Please. Thank you. If you love kimchi, this is worth it.

If you have kimchi that is not sour yet you can either just leave it in the fridge for up to a few weeks to let it sour that way or you can leave it out in a dark place for a night or two until it sours. Even if this does not sour it immediately, it’ll speed up the fermenting process drastically.

Common sense applies here. Make sure kimchi is patted down in an even layer, in a clean, sealed container and there is at least an inch or so of room on top, this depends on the quantity and vesssel used. 2 gallon jar? Leave at least a few inches of room on top. A smaller wide glass container, about an inch or so. It will bubble over and you don’t want to wake up to kimchi juice all over the kitchen.

All that’s left is to cook it with some meat (the most popular and my favorite meat: pork belly) some onion, a touch of sesame oil and maybe some gochujang. That is it. This is by far my top 5, maybe even top 3, favorite things to eat. Probably more so because I can’t just make it when I want, the kimchi has. to. be. SOUR.

Oh, oops I was so focused on stressing sour I forgot about this: How to Make Kimchi.

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