Korean Spicy Pork Belly BBQ + Boiled Cabbage Wraps

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This isn’t BBQ but I guess that’s what they’re calling it now. But really, it’s a stir fry. You can totally grill this and make it BBQ. For me personally, all that trouble isn’t worth it. This is how I grew up eating it so this is what I crave.

One major difference you’ll find with my recipes is I try really hard not to use sugar. I only use it as a last resort and when I do, I am very mindful of the amount that’s being used. This recipe for example only has 1 teaspoon of brown sugar added.

The only recipes that I don’t hold back with sugar are cakes and cookies, which is why you won’t see too much of that on my site. I’ll eat it for sure, but if I gotta make it, actually seeing cups of sugar being used is something I can’t get used to.

They do sell thinly sliced pork belly at Korean and Japanese markets for shabu shabu but they’re suuuuuper thin, like paper thin, also very expensive. I like to slice my own. Usually I’ll buy Kurobuta Pork but I can’t find it easily in slabs and since this is being marinated that extra quality is not missed.

Couple of things about mixing in the marinade. The meat is easier to mix with the marinade when it’s halfway frozen and firm. But it’s gonna be COLD. The faster and less painful way to do this is to place the pork belly slice by slice in a layer, pour on some marinade, and repeat until done. THEN mix it in. It’s not easier just dumping everything in a bowl and trying to separate the slices while also trying to mix in the marinade. Your hands will hate you. (FYI, I always wear gloves when handling spicy or stinky food. I buy the 3-packs at Costco)

The perfect bite.

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