Chicken Soup w/ Handmade Knife-Cut Noodles

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I’m not comfortable cooking with flour. I have over-mixed cake batter that resulted in dense bricks many times, I don’t like cleaning up flour–I hate how it gets on my black apron, I’m also gluten-intolerant-sensitive (I had a brain fart when I was typing this). But I LOVE noodles. I love them all. I don’t mess around when it comes to eating noodles.

My parents always made these noodles from scratch when making Chicken Noodle Soup (with a soda on the side). I had all the ingredients except noodles. The closest Korean market is 20 minutes away.. so in my mind it made more sense to make the dough, let it rest overnight, and make this dish the next day rather than just going to the market. I don’t know if that’s because of my love for noodles or my laziness. Probably more laziness.

Korean zucchini is individually packaged and has a cartoon zucchini on it. Yes, they print a cartoon vegetable on the wrapper and grown-ups buy this.

Be very liberal with the flour when folding over to cut into strips. Next time, I’d like to try this with bread flour instead of all-purpose that I used here. It could’ve been more chewy.

Kimchi, pickled garlic (from my mom), Overnight Pickled Watermelon Radish (coming soon), Spicy Korean Sauce. My sauce is dark because it’s been fermenting in the fridge since February. This stuff lasts forever.

No, that noodle to soup ratio is not off. I ate it all. As soon as I took this shot, I started eating… Okay to be completely honest, I took out some of the noodles because I was thinking, “whoa, too much” but then I kept adding it back to my bowl while eating and before I knew it, I had eaten all the noodles.

I felt like crap the rest of the day (re: gluten intolerance sensitive) but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

But also, (this is the grown-up in me speaking because I really don’t want to promote gluttony and irresponsible eating) I drink a green smoothie almost everyday and usually eat only one large meal. These noodles are the only meal I ate that day.

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