Anchovy Kimchi Stew + Korean Omelette

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Remember all that sour kimchi I talked about here? Time to put it to good use! 9 out of 10 times I visit my parents, my mom will have this soup on the stove-top bubbling away. First thing’s first: you’re going to need some anchovy stock.

This isn’t even really a recipe. You add some sour kimchi in whatever stock base you want (in this case, Anchovy Stock. ) and then boil away. When it’s reduced by around half, it’s ready to eat. That’s the magic of cooking with sour kimchi: it has all the flavor you need.

This Korean Omelette is not really a recipe either. It’s more of a technique. You can do it plain or add one layer of dried seaweed like I did here, or some minced jalapeno, carrot, and green onions. You can fill it with whatever you want, just don’t overfill. It’ll cook unevenly and won’t fold nicely.

A very simple and comforting meal, that just happens to be vegetarian–if you’re okay with fish stock.


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