Pork Belly Ssam with Oysters and Salted Shrimp Sauce

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So the general knowledge in the Korean working-class household is that if you labored all day inhaling dirt, paint (my dad), or any other impurities–the cure is to wash it down with some fatty pork belly. Yes, you read that correctly. You wash down the impurities with..

pork belly.

My dad is a painting contractor and around my house if the spray machine was used that day, we were eating pork belly for dinner. Because you inhale more paint when spraying as opposed to using the roller or the brush.. duh! (my insufferable-know-it-all-eight-year-old self would’ve said – with an eye roll)

Bossam or Ssam is pretty well known now thanks to David Chang of the Momofuku Empire. But his is a fancy restaurant version. This is down-home family style pork belly. Every Korean family has their own way of preparing Bossam and each will swear theirs is the best. But I swear mine is the best! (wink, wink)

To each their own.

I have choked, almost every single time, trying to stuff that in my mouth all at once. And yet I still do it. But now that I’m grown I’ll only do it once or twice, for old times sake, and then I’ll just eat it piece by piece in rapid succession. A deconstructed ssam if you will.

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