Poached Chicken and Stir Fry Cabbage with Spicy Sauce

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My mom used to make this without the chicken; just cabbage, onions and sauce. She would make a giant plate of this and it would be the centerpiece, surrounded by small bowls of at least five different side dishes. And we would eat it with rice and soup. Because there was always soup. Man, I don’t know how she did that. Every.. Night.. Rice, soup, at least five different side dishes, and a meat dish.

I only added chicken mainly because I don’t have five different side dishes in my fridge at any given time. I only have one. And that is kimchi.

The chicken is first simmered for a short time then poached in the same hot water until it is cooked all the way through. This foolproof method results in a moist, perfectly cooked chicken.

Don’t throw away that water! Toss in the carcass and skin in the pot along with some aromatics and simmer for a few hours. Voila. Thick, gelatinous, chicken bone broth.

This is what I make when I want low-carb/paleo. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like to labor in the kitchen for a healthy meal. It kind of defeats the purpose for me. I like my healthy food simple, clean, and straight-forward. So, this works for me!

The steps might seem long but this is an efficient recipe. While things are cooking you will be preparing. From start to finish, you should have this on the table in 45 minutes. I don’t even take out all the ingredients if I know I have it. I’ll immediately start the chicken before doing anything else.


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