Korean Hot Pot with Pork and Clams and then Porridge

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I’ll be honest with you. I love hot pot. But I love the porridge made with the leftovers even more. So much so that I will make hot pot mainly for the porridge. Or sometimes I’ll go all out and make a really fancy broth just to make porridge. (coming soon)

Ok so now that I’ve done all I can to talk down the hot pot.. let’s dive in, shall we? Seriously though, I really do love hot pot, I just love porridge a little bit more.

We’re only using some of the napa leaves and half of the lobok. Don’t worry I have another use for the rest (coming soon)!

Mmmm, pork and clams with aromatic vegetables and earthy mushrooms. One of these prepacked pork slices worked perfectly for me. It’s about 0.60 oz.

The main seasonings. I used korean fish sauce here but you can use any for this recipe. I also used soup soy sauce but you can use regular, just use less and then season after. Regular soy sauce is stronger in flavor than soup soy sauce. The middle brown container with the open lid is doenjang, korean fermented soy beans. Kind of like miso but much more pungent.

That little portable gas stove was about $25 at the Korean Market. You can also use it to make tabletop KBBQ at home; restaurant style. I’ll go over that soon.

Ready to eat!

Porridge fixings!!

Where’s Waldo? … They were so confused that I was cooking at the table.

Technically, chronologically; you would eat the hot pot first then the porridge. But I save the soup to it with porridge. 😉

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