Spicy Knife Cut Noodles with Clams

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Another great use of the Anchovy Broth. This is perfect for a rainy day. It’s spicy and has the fresh taste of the ocean with the clams added. And this also comes together very quickly.

This brand is a pumpkin flavored knife cut noodles. Down the middle it literally says “Knife cut noodles” hence the name of the dish. I honestly couldn’t taste the pumpkin but it’s a pretty color.

The middle container is a special soy sauce for soups. It is a Korean soy sauce that is used to flavor soups, it literally translates to “Soup Soy Sauce.” You can substitute regular soy sauce in this recipe.

On the left is a finely ground dried pepper powder. You can see on the bag itself the word “FINE”. The right, which is also called powder, but are actually flakes. The regular pepper “powder” is more commonly used. I like to combine the two for soup bases. You don’t have to, but it does give it another level of pepper flavor.


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