Seaweed Soup in Anchovy Broth

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I will eat this everyday for weeks. It’s so satisfying and comforting. And did you know? Seaweed is a super food. In Korean culture lactating mothers are supposed to eat this everyday or as often as possible while lactating because of all the health benefits it offers to the mother and to her child via her breast-milk. It’s also traditionally served during birthdays. It’s not my birthday nor am I a lactating mother, I just love this soup!

This is Korean seaweed from Korea. They also harvest seaweed from China but in my opinion, the taste is different.

Be careful when breaking to fit into bowl! I got a seaweed splinter.

I was only going to have a bite and eat the rest later…. but I just can’t help myself. I ate it all even before I knew what was happening.

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