How to make Anchovy Broth

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Here we have the main ingredients. Starting from the top left: 4.25 oz. onion; chopped roughly, 6 oz. lobok; chopped roughly, 0.25 oz. kelp; torn into big pieces, 1.50 oz. dried anchovies; 2 green onions; cut into quarters.

The anchovies need to have their guts and poo removed before using. Otherwise you get a bitter taste. No good. See where those arrows are pointing? Using both your hands you’re going to split them down the middle opening from either the top or bottom, whichever side yields better.

Poo be gone!

Throw them all in a pot with 8 cups cold water. Bring to a boil then immediately lower heat to a rapid simmer. Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.

You should have about 7 cups of broth. Store in an airtight container in fridge for up to week. I never make enough to freeze. It’s so easy and quick to make, I just make this as I need it and store in fridge if I have leftovers.

You can save the kelp, if you want. Rinse them clean and you can just eat them or…

Julienne it, store it with some of the broth in an airtight container and use as a garnish for soups.

Some of the uses for this broth:
Skinny Noodles in Anchovy Broth
Spicy Knife Cut Noodles with Clams
Anchovy Kimchi Stew + Korean Omelette
Ultimate Ssam + Clam Doenjang Stew

Anchovy Broth

Makes 7 cups of broth. Takes about 40 minutes.

  • 4.25 oz. onion; chopped roughly
  • 6 oz. lobok, chopped roughly
  • 0.25 oz. kelp, torn into big pieces
  • 1.50 oz. dried anchovies, poo removed
  • 2 green onions; cut into quarters

Add all the ingredients in a medium pot with 8 cups cold water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Lower heat to maintain a hard simmer. Cook for about 20-30 minutes*. Strain the stock and use right away or store.

*If you’re using the stock for a soup that also has other seafood in it, 20 minutes is fine. If you’re using it for a vegetable or mainly noodle based soup, 30 minutes is better.

If you’re going to use store the stock, first let it cool and then cover and store in fridge.


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