How To Cut a Whole Chicken into Pieces

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I learned how to do this in Home Economics class in high school. This was in the mid 90’s. There were two senior girls in my group that wouldn’t go near the raw chicken. I was just a freshman but I cut that chicken good. It’s a silly proud moment of mine. I really liked that class. We made a gingerbread house, baked cakes and held a cake decorating contest, made brownies; all from scratch. I learned how to make roux, scalloped potatoes, and lots more. Do they still teach Home Ec (as we used to call it) in high school?

This method is probably not what I learned in class. And a quick online search just now showed me it’s not how most people are doing it either. But it’s my way and it’s probably going to change the next time I do this. I always forget what I do with the breast and back part…

Aright, so we are going to cut this chicken. We have arrows and everything. See where it’s pointing? That is just skin connecting the thigh to the body. Cut into it along that line.

Turn it around and keep cutting the skin.

This is what you’ll see. The flesh is not connected there. I’m just holding it open so you can see.

Grab the thigh with one hand and the body with the other. Snap it. The thigh bone should stick out.

Cut right through.

Cut into the flesh going around using the joint as your guide.

Cut through the joint.

Ta da! Thigh and drumstick.

See that slight bulge? This will be more clear in person. Because in person it is 3D and you can feel the bulge also. That’s the joint. Cut into that.

Then grab the wing in one hand and the body in the other and snap it. And cut through.

That there is a chicken wing.

You can either cut through the wing where the joints are with a swift sure stroke. Or you can cut the flesh into the joint. snap it, and then cut through. The above is the second method. It is cleaner but I think unnecessary.

The breast is on the left and the back on the right. Cut through where the dotted line is. The best way is to turn the body upright with the opening facing upwards and cut down.

Then this happens. Some freaky alien creature mouth. Anyhoo, see that black dotted line? Cut through.

Those green arrows show where you made the above cut. Keep cutting through the dotted line.

And we have here a very small breast. But it’s a separated breast!

Cut that cartilage piece out. Pull the wishbone out and cut the breast in half down the middle.

That’s it folks!

Keep on scrolling on how to store bones for stock.

I like to cut it into pieces. Follow the same idea. Feel around for breakage points. Snap it. Cut it.

Oh forgot about these. Cut those wing tips off. Not much to each but is perfect for stock.

Freezer safe bag, label it, store it. Good for at least a few months.

Woohoo! We’re done!

You can use your chicken cutting skills and make Spicy Korean Chicken!

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