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100% White Whole Wheat Seedy Bread

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I know I know, I’m keto, I’m not, I’m low carb, I’m sugar free, I prefer paleo sometimes and now I’m baking wheat bread. I’m all over the place.

I’ll tell you what I am. None of the above. I believe you should eat what makes you happy, just be responsible.

Or maybe I’m cyclic keto? Bah, enough of these labels. This bread is yummy, not as bad as white sandwich bread from the market, and is full of healthy fats: chia seeds, sunflower seeds, quinoa, and sesame seeds.

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Korean Spatchcock Chicken

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I wanted roast chicken the other day. Then I wanted spatchcock chicken. Then, you know, since I have this little blog and all, I thought, let’s Korean-ize it!

Ok, let’s do this. First off, Serious Eat’s does an awesome article on spatchcock chicken. Check that out for more in-depth info.

NY Times also did a Roast Chicken 101 sort of deal and they include a little tutorial on spatchcock chicken. They do theirs with a knife.

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Sugarfree Gallery: refined sugarfree and healthy carb recipes only!

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Here it is! My huuuuuge “side” project, as I called it. It actually turned into the “main” project. is a safe place where you will find refined-sugarfree and healthy carb recipes only.

Each post has it’s own permalink page so when it’s shared it’ll direct you back to the actual post and that post goes straight to the blogger’s post.

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Sugarfree Whole Wheat Bran Muffins sweetened with Raisins

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These bran muffins are sweetened with pureed raisins and erythritol. No refined sugar needed. It is suuuuuper sweet. Maybe even a bit too sweet. Now imagine that, no refined sugar in a bran muffin and it’s too sweet.

These are adapted from Nancy Silverton’s Pastries from the La Brea Bakery. I actually read about it from my two favorite bloggers: first at David Lebovitz and then at Alexandra’s Kitchen. I had been looking for a bran muffin for a looong time and when I accidentally stumbled onto it, twice, I had to try it and sugarfree-y(?) it.

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Oat Bran Muffins w/ Mango & Coconut, Sugar Free & Whole Grain

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Whoooo… it’s been a while. I forgot how I do this. I’ve been working on a side project: Check it out! Right before I stopped blogging I talked about going Ketosis, which I did for short amount of time, but I was miserable. The dude, on the other hand, is thriving on it. I grew up eating rice and home-cooked-from-scratch Korean Food. I need my home-cooked Korean meal once a week or I get sad and then I get HANGRY. I also need yummy carbs once a week or so. Whether it be baked goods, a nice cold Lager or …

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Spicy Gochujang Wings

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These wings were one of the top 5 most ordered items at the restaurant. There was this one customer that asked me for the sauce recipe and I told her it was a secret. She was none too happy about the response. Well, customer, where ever you are, this one’s dedicated to you. Disclaimer: This recipe is not exactly what I sold but the taste is there. I’d have to dig up boxes to find my notes on the exact ingredient portions.. and I’m probably not doing that any day soon.

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Short Rib Korean BBQ

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I have decided to go full on ketosis. What is ketosis? Simply put, it’s the state your body gets in when it’s burning stored fat. The only way to get into ketosis is to drastically cut out carbs so that your body will have to burn something stored for energy, rather than the incoming carbs. Now, this is just an ultra simple explanation of what ketosis is. I recommend reading more into it before just diving in head first. I have actually been on ketosis before in the past, I have read into it a good amount and experimented with …