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Short Rib Korean BBQ

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I have decided to go full on ketosis. What is ketosis? Simply put, it’s the state your body gets in when it’s burning stored fat. The only way to get into ketosis is to drastically cut out carbs so that your body …

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This sauce is made in many different ways. At the very core, it’s just Doenjang and Gochujang mixed. The add-ins aren’t mandatory but they do make it tastier. One of the ways Ssamjang is enjoyed: Ultimate Ssam + Clam Doenjang Stew Use …

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Simple Yogurt Parfait

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A simple, Paleo yogurt parfait. I’m not even Paleo but I don’t like granola in my parfait. I’m sure this will work with whatever nut and seed mix you prefer: cashews, pistachios, hazlenuts, sunflower seeds, etc. For this batch I used a …