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Seaweed Soup in Anchovy Broth

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I will eat this everyday for weeks. It’s so satisfying and comforting. And did you know? Seaweed is a super food. In Korean culture lactating mothers are supposed to eat this everyday or as often as possible while lactating because of all …

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Korean Spicy Sauce

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Although I call it spicy sauce, it’s more of a mild spice. Of course, you can adjust the heat level by adding more raw jalapenos or even different spicier peppers. I use this sauce to add spice and flavor for many different …

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How to make Anchovy Broth

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Here we have the main ingredients. Starting from the top left: 4.25 oz. onion; chopped roughly, 6 oz. lobok; chopped roughly, 0.25 oz. kelp; torn into big pieces, 1.50 oz. dried anchovies; 2 green onions; cut into quarters. The anchovies need to …